Anjie Furian

Episode 13 – Neurodivergent ADHD with Anjie Furian

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | MoreDon’t for get to subscribe and find all our episodes at Episode 13 – Neurodivergent ADHD with guest Anjie Furian Sponsored by: Blubrry Podcasting – Launch your Podcast the Blubrry Way In this episode our very own sound engineer Anjie Furian steps up to the mic for an interview for the show. Anjie is was recently diagnosed with ADHD and that diagnoses has changed her life. We talk about what she had wrong about ADHD[…]

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Recommendation: Altered Carbon (Netflix Series)

Recommendation: Altered Carbon (Netflix Series) Holy shit I am enjoying the fuck out of this series. I would have binged it all the way through if my wife would have let me but instead we watched it in 2 episode chunks across 5 days. I guess that’s a good way to do it because then pieces of the story sink in. I will be watching it all the way through again to catch the little things that are in frame but that aren’t as clear as to what they actually are until later in the season. The setting for the[…]

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Movie Review: Black Panther made me sad

First off I enjoyed this movie. The story was average. The look of it was fantastic. The action was good. The overall feel of the movie left me hopeful. It had a couple of trite spots but hey its a superhero movie so those are to be expected. I liked the hero’s arc a of man born to privilege coming to understand the responsibility of his station and the decisions his ancestors made that got him there. I really liked that the bad guy wasn’t evil. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Yes please go see this movie. So,[…]

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