Anjie Furian

Episode 13 – Neurodivergent ADHD with Anjie Furian

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | MoreDon’t for get to subscribe and find all our episodes at Episode 13 – Neurodivergent ADHD with guest Anjie Furian Sponsored by: Blubrry Podcasting – Launch your Podcast the Blubrry Way In this episode our very own sound engineer Anjie Furian steps up to the mic for an interview for the show. Anjie is was recently diagnosed with ADHD and that diagnoses has changed her life. We talk about what she had wrong about ADHD[…]

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4 Am

Me; zzzzzzzzzz My Brain: hey wake up! Me: wha? Why? *checks time* Brain! Its 4am! Wtf? We have a busy day ahead. We need to sleep. We got to bed late and this is way too early to get up. Go back to sleep. My Brain: valid points and well argued! Kudos! But we need to think about everything we are doing on Saturday plus like 90 other things! Plus remember that one time… Me: Brain! Stop! No! Go back to sleep! My Brain: but what about this? Or this? Or this!? Oh oh and Money! We need to think[…]

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104 Days

One Hundred and Four days. That’s how long I’ve been on Prozac. My moods have stabilized. I now feel like they are going up and down normally in reaction to my social and physical environment instead of just hanging out in the deep despair and depression that had clouded everything for months if not years. I finally feel rested after sleeping. I’ve also recovered to 99% of pre-cold health. Yay! I no longer feel like an incredible weight has been lifted off of me, I just feel normal. It’s so nice to feel like myself again, not a better or[…]

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