Thank you for coming to check out our guests.  Below are brief bios provided by the guest or made up on the spot by Erin

How do you know you are right now?: John J Smid – once the director of Love in Action, an ex-gay ministry. John is now a happily married gay man and Author of Ex’d Out: How I Fired the Shame Committee

Instructional Assistants: Angela A – despite a similar first name this is not Erin’s wife.  Angela is an Instructional Assistant at a local Grade school where her focus is helping high needs students in all grade levels and running the Playworks program at her school.

Fan fiction: Debra Stansbury – former chair of Orycon, Debra is a long time friend and a prolific writer of and advocate for Fan fiction. Debra can be found zipping about Portland going to various Science Fiction, comic and writing conventions on her scooter.  Debra also held the presidency of the Portland Science Fiction Society.  She is very active in local fan community and volunteers her time with OSFCI.

Magic the Gathering: Logan Fischer – 15 and a willing victim, er we mean test subject for Erin’s first episode/interview.