You gotta push the button

“Failure is Always an Option” – Adam Savage

Well it finally happened. I’ve had scares before where I didn’t think I recorded an interview, but it turned out I had but at a really low volume.  Thank you Anjie for making that listenable.

But yesterday, yesterday I bit the big one.

I had a fabulous interview with Todd Cochrane the CEO of Blubrry who happens to be my podcast hosting provider and a sponsor of this show!  I did my research had my questions ready and we were off.  Todd is an experience interviewee.  He has great stories.  We discussed how he started Raw voice and Blubrry.  How he got into podcasting and what he thinks really grew his audience.

It was a great interview.  We talked for 45 minutes and it was a nice clean conversation without weird trackbacks or call drops or someone going off on a wired off topic nonsensical rant or having coughing fit. I’d even had to reschedule once because of a conflict with my uncles memorial on our first time slot.

Mr. Cochrane is on the east coast so in order to accommodate his schedule I set up and “recorded” on skype from my office day job after hours since my commute home would have had me be late for the interview. I was a little nervous because this is a dude that if the interview went horribly it would have made me look pretty bad.

Well I think the interview went great!

I just didn’t record it! *facepalm*

As we ended our conversation he even said to let him know when I would be airing it so he could promote it. ARGH!

So this morning I had to write an email and own up to my mistake.  That was a ugly bit of embarrassment to swallow.  Yumm, tasty tasty pride.  Sigh. Yes, I asked for another interview.

Not sure yet if I will get another chance at an interview though I hope I will. Or if I still have a sponsor.  Though I really hope I do!

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Sigh, After all this is a prime example of being wrong and that is what The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast is all about.