Episode 11 Erin Ehm v Blatchford

In early November Erin Ehm tried to do something that seemed liked it should be easy to do.  She was wrong.  This episode recounts her efforts to get her prosthetic foot fixed and how she ran up against a company decided to be less than helpful.  Her angry diatribe on Facebook struck a cord with many people and has been shared over 500 times

you can read the post here

Okay guys, I'm angry.Living my life is expensive and complicated. I make it seem easy, but it really is anything but….

Posted by Erin Ehm on Monday, November 4, 2019

People understood Erin’s anger and reached out to Blatchford to express their disapproval.  There was enough of a buzz that Blatchford attempted a response

you can see it here


Frankly to me it looks like a Now now little girl we know whats best run along now. *rolls eyes*





Frankly I think that in this story its Blatchford that is wrong.  They have the ability to help but are refusing to even though Erin was willing to pay for the help.

But you listen to the story yourself and decide.

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