Episode 10: The Public is Wrong about Paganism With Lea Rush and Theo Williams

Episode: 10

Episode Title: The Public is Wrong about Paganism

Guests: Lea Rush and Theo Williams

Host: Erin Furian

Podcast Website: wrongbefore.com

OMG we made it to Episode 10!

This week’s episode two of my favorite people agreed to be on the podcast.  I’ve known Lea for years and Theo has been a delightful addition to my life as her partner.

Lea and Theo have been involved with the pagan Community in the pacific northwest for over thirty years. Lea has been a volunteer and event organizer for many wiccan and science fiction conventions. Theo has been a Wiccan priest for many years.  Together they help me dispel some of the various myths that are wrong about what it means to be pagan.

Here is the link to The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca that is mentioned in the episode: atcwicca.org

And links to the Church of Satan churchofsatan.com and the Satanic Temple thesatanictemple.com which neither Lea or Theo are part of but that some people mistake wiccan for.



Host: Erin Furian

Producers: Erin Furian and Anjie Furian

Sound Engineer: Anjie Furian

Music- 7th floor Tango by silent partner from YouTube free music library

The cat’s meow – Maple Furian