Episode 9 What happens in the brain when we are wrong? With Wendy S Hubbard

Episode: 9 What happens in the brain when we are wrong?

Guest: Wendy S. Hubbard

Show Website:  www.wrongbefore.com

This is more of a meta episode rather than a direct conversation about being wrong.  One of the advantages of being friends with someone for 20 years is the ability to impose on that friendship on occasion.  Wendy is on her third career as a nontraditional student at Adler University.  She is currently working on her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I decided to pick her brain on about what happens inside the mind when someone is wrong.

Wendy S Hubbard headshot
Wendy S. Hubbard

We discuss what the brain is and why it’s so hard for people to accept being wrong.   Where that resistance comes from.

Evidently there are psychological and social reason we are so against being wrong!  Who knew!

Also I realized I was pretty bad about explaining some of the terms referenced in this episode so here is  list of most of them I think

Confirmation bias

CBT as in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

ACT is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Core Beliefs – woofta the internet has a lot of interpretations of what Core Beliefs are but in our conversation, they are things you believe that your actions flow out of

Adler University School of Psychology

Alfred Adler


Adlerian Theory

Gender roles

Aircraft Jacks – look a picture!






Prepper p.s. I’m much less a survivalist and much more a lets not die while camping please kind of prepper.  Also I know where my flashlight is in case of power outage.

Psychoanalysis – see Freud

Dream interpretation – same as above

Wendy throws these three dudes out there pretty quick; Erik Erickson, Jean Piaget, LS Vygotsky.  All of them are big muckty mucks in the field of psychology with different takes on how our minds work.  Wikipedia is your friend.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs There is a load of info out there on this and frankly understanding it can free you up to understanding somethings about the why of why you do some things.  Its handy to have in your brain as a reference.

Brenè Brown ok this chick is worth some time exploring her therories.  Just be warned I think she’s wordy and I’m kinda wordy myself



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